About Us

MarketPay has been founded by seasoned entrepreneurs after having built several websites in need of escrow payments and wallet management:

Nubelo.com is the largest marketplace for freelance online services in the Spanish speaking countries. Millions of euros are processed securely on behalf of thousands of freelancers. They get paid when happy companies release the escrow wallet.

Teaming.net is a very successful crowdfunding platform for social causes. More than 120.000 donors give money to 5.500 causes on monthly basis. Donors wallets account a total of 4 million euros.

When rock star app Lemonpay was designed to secure transactions between users in any classified advertising app, there were no secure cloud services to delegate the escrow logic. Therefore the team decided to build its own API as an independent service which could be useful for any marketplace.

Meet the team

He has worked at large multinational consultancy firms, focusing on projects in the Telecom and Banking sectors. He has invested in and successfully launched several Internet companies such as Nubelo, Deskidea and SocialDiabetes, as well as Foundation Teaming.net on a probono basis.

Fran Aréchaga

Fran Aréchaga MSc in Telecommunications and MBA by ESADE

He has developed his career in business and technology consulting in diverse sectors. In 1998 he participated in the founding of the multinational consultancy everis as partner of the Management Consulting practice, and is a founding partner of Internet startup Nubelo.

Ricard Forn

Ricard Forn Industrial Engineer and MBA by IESE Business School

He has worked in IT since 1997, specializing in critical systems for the stock exchange and complex management systems such as airline reservations. He has experience in all phases of the software life cycle and is a talented technical architect with expertise in defining technical solutions.

Alejandro Cabanillas

Alejandro Cabanillas Computer Science expert

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