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Tailored payments for crowdfunding platforms

Accept money in your crowdfunding or crowdlending businesses, be it equity, donation, real estate or project based campaigns. Pay out third parties while maintaining control over how funds settle, how they are stored, and when/how they are disbursed.

Optimise your payments costs

Simple and transparent pricing that helps you grow.


1.0% + € 0.18 for EU cards

2.2% + € 0.18 for non-EU cards 

 0.5% per wire transfer SEPA (0.75% Crowdlending)


Flat Monthly Fee

for larger businesses

No setup, monthly or hidden fees

Real-time reporting

Pay only for what you use

Collect money from funders using card or wire transfer in your crowdfunding platform. 

Store funds in escrow account. 

Send funds to campaign owner via wire transfer.

Integrate quickly

Crowdfunding and crowd-lending businesses can focus on their customers and their unique value proposition and keep their financial management running smoothly by using Marketpay.

Adding payments to your platform used to be difficult and usually did not cover all your needs. Now you can take advantage of our API pre-bulit integration for crowdfunding to launch faster. If you are running on WordPress it will be even easier with our plugin. 


Customize as desired

With our white-label solution you can define the payment flow and the design that matches your business model needs, keeping your users always on a single platform.

With our customisable checkout page you can maintain your branding to offer the best user experience that will help increase conversion rate.

End-to-end payment flow

We allow you to manage all the operations needed in a crowdfunding business and more!

  • Collect money from cards or wire transfer.
  • Fund allocation by creating wallets to distribute funds from funders to campaign owners while securely holding the money in certified escrow account.
  • Fund withdraw with custom automations for fee collection or funds assignments that save time.
  • Send money fast and affordable when needed.

Monitoring tools at your service

Our dashboard allows your teams manage our payments infrastructure same as your developers do with our API.

View and manage every step of your payments flow and create transactions such as pay-ins, pay-outs, transfers, refunds, add cards and wallets to users accounts and more.

Easily track the flow of funds from a customer to a recipient with full records of all transactions while getting data insights.

See our dashboard

“A powerful routing and payout engine that makes it easy to send money to recipients, no matter your business model.”

Move money as you need

One to one payments, many to one, one to many and many to many payments, you name it! Thanks to our wallet based solution you can set flexible rules and triggers that automate the payment flow to easily manage differed, recurring and one-click payments. flexible payouts and easily split funds. Our technology will automatically batch earnings into payouts, track balances and apply your rules. When you set your fees it will apply your rules like magic.

Hold funds with automatic withdrawal

We provide all you need to keep collected money safe while waiting for funds withdrawal by keep them in an escrow certified account. That means that the funds are not available to anyone, util the triggers are completed.

Pre-built API integration

Crowdfunding businesses with their own developed platforms can take advantage of our pre-built integration to access our complete set of features. We provide a fast and easy integration with a dedicated technical support team available via phone and email.

“Data and transaction security is our priority.”

Fully Compliant Solution

Running a crowdfunding platform means you’re dealing with payment compliance issues involving money transmission, KYC, sanctions screening and tax reporting. 

Our integrated Know Your Customer (KYC) meets the anti-money laundering checks, fulfilling European regulatory demands which lets you stay focused on your product and spend less time on compliance related tasks.

Account security is guaranteed by servers that are compliant with legal and regulatory requirements that protect all your data. 

Onboarding & verification

We give you tranquility by managing the complicated laws and regulation enforcement. We provide ways to onboard users with a quick and easy set up as one of the most common issues is user abandonment at the point of sign up due to unnecessary friction.

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