Welcome to the
future of FinTech

Marketpay is the platform with the technology you need to make the leap to new digital realities.

Smart payments for businesses of the future

The digital revolution has changed the rules of the game. The world’s leading companies no longer produce or sell – they connect. And there are new businesses on the horizon: multi-level, IoT, multi-provider or multi-investor. Businesses need a new, versatile and flexible payment solution that adapts to a rapidly changing reality. .

Marketpay has evolved hand in hand with innovative business models, providing solutions to the market’s new transactional needs. E-wallets, escrow payments, split payments, PayByLink, and Blockchain are just some of the solutions offered by our multi-function API, Restful.

For FinTechs

We have the technology to get your business of the ground quickly so you can focus on growth. We offer you our expertise to provide unique solutions in different sectors, including crowdfunding, crowdlending and neobanking.

For new digital models

We provide the technological structure you need to go beyond card payments and implement innovative transactional solutions like digital wallets, escrow payments, split payments, prepaid accounts and much more.

Sector leaders

Thanks to our experience in the financial sector, we’ve become a technological partner that specializes in managing the complex payment flows of the sector’s national and international leaders. Our flexibility and ability to stay ahead of the competition are what make us different.

Innovation is in our DNA

We stay one step ahead of the market to create the most cutting-edge technology, from our robust platform to Blockchain technology.

We adapt to your business model

We have a flexible and versatile platform capable of adapting to the specific needs of any business model.

Security and transparency

We operate under a banking license and comply with all European and Latin American regulations. Each transaction is traced to guarantee security.

Quick to implement, easy to customize

Depending on your project’s needs, we act as a consultant and build customized payment solutions or offer efficient self-service product packages in multiple sectors: P2P platforms, crowdfunding, IoT or traditional commerce.

FinTech products we have already developed

Over the years, we’ve developed real solutions that have simplified transactions for big accounts, FinTech companies and new businesses in the digital era.