An alliance for escrow payments

Innovation, continuous improvement, and surpassing our clients' expectations are among the values that govern our company.

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Truust - A single platform for all of your smart payments

Create a platform flexible enough to cover every client’s needs but standard enough to be easily adapted and affordable for many kinds of businesses.

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Payment solutions for Crowdfunding

We offer a solution that makes it very easy to manage all the money moving in any kind crowdfunding-based business.

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The second-hand sales solution: thelemonapp

A payment solution for buyers and sellers that guarantees the entire purchase process for both parties.

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Blockchain for Counting Votes

Whether for internal party votes, conventional elections or shareholder meetings, using blockchain to vote guarantees an instant & secure vote count.

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Payment solutions for IoT

Suppliers can also obtain data about who’s making the purchase, when it was made, how much was purchased and whether the purchaser came back.

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