Marketpay rated by Early Metrics

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Fintech’s smart payments solutions Marketpay has been rated by Early Metrics, an independent UK rating agency, as one of the most promising startups in Europe, placing it in the top 20% after evaluating over 1800 companies.

The auditor has recognized the growth potential of the Spanish platform after analyzing its business model and identifying its strengths in the sector of intelligent payments for digital businesses. Marketpay has achieved a score of 78 out of 100 according to the criteria and methodology of the audit company, which has highlighted the potential of the company for its innovative proposal and management skills, thanks to its solid and experienced team.

The growing market in which it operates also favours the rapid expansion of the company. As an independent audit, the ratings that Marketpay has received will help it to gain credibility and trust with its clients, partners, and investors.

Ricard Forn, CEO of Marketpay, states: “We are very proud of the recognition by an independent organization of the prestige of Early Metrics. For Marketpay, this new achievement is another step in the growth of the platform and its expansion. Digital businesses are continuously reinventing themselves with new or improved transaction models, and we want to be present with a solution that solves the most complex payment flows in a secure, versatile and flexible manner, adapting to the particular needs of each client”.

After two and a half years of activity, the platform has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the Fintech market, filling the gap left by traditional banking due to its lack of flexibility and slow innovation.

Today, Marketpay has more than 50 national and international clients of very diverse types, ranging from marketplaces or crowdfunding platforms to other Fintechs or neo-banks or large companies such as telcos or energy companies.

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