Payment solutions for IoT

Suppliers can also obtain data about who’s making the purchase, when it was made, how much was purchased and whether the purchaser came back.

The client

Orain is a platform that makes dynamic and intuitive communication possible between people and machines using an AI-powered chatbot. They have developed a new application that makes it possible to pay directly at vending machines – the app recognizes the machine via an integrated chip.

The challenge

A payment solution for machines. In this case, vending machines that allow users to comfortably buy whatever they want from the app. What’s more, the solution also has to manage all the payments with all of the machine’s suppliers.

The solution

Integrating API Marketpay in the app makes it possible to create one wallet for each user, where they can top up and manage all the micropayments in escrow for the suppliers. It’s a single solution for two payment flows.

On one hand, the end consumer can make an easy, simple purchase from the vending machine with the app. They don’t have to link the account to a credit card — they simply need to top up. The days of looking for change or taking out cash to buy a coffee or a drink are history. On the other hand, all the payments to the machine’s suppliers are settled, since they are able to receive money for their products directly.

And not only that, they can also control the products they have in stock and the products they need to replenish at any time, in real time. Plus, suppliers can now access all user data, which until now, was unthinkable in the world of vending machines.

With this solution, suppliers can also obtain data about who’s making the purchase, when it was made, how much was purchased, whether the purchaser came back, etc. They can extract buying habits and radically optimize their sales.

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